Welcome to the website for NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase. We are looking forward to an exciting and productive 2018! Take a look around to learn more about upcoming meetings, speakers, boutique bees, and all of our other guild activities, and plan to take part in our quilt show October 5 and 6. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow and get involved with our Quilt Guild.

Who We Are

The NeedleChasers of Chevy Chase is an eclectic, creative guild of quilters who meet regularly to share the joy of quilting, to inspire and learn from one other, and contribute to the community. Our members range from beginning quilters to accomplished artists, and from those who treasure traditional quilting to those who push design boundaries with bold, contemporary work. We welcome new and experienced quilters. Please see our schedule and join us at our next meeting.

NeedleChasers News